Gambling History

Dice will be the oldest attribute of the gambling, because dice gme was been found in the Sumerian Royal Mausolea, dating from the 3rd millennium BC. Playing cards are a relatively recent invention in the contrary. It is thought that card games were developed and released in Europe earlier than in the XIV.Jahrhundert in the East.

Gambling was popular among the ancient Egyptians. The evidence which have been found in the great pyramid of Giza in Giza, which was built in 3000 years BC. In the city of Thebes, which had been founded before 1500 years BC, dice have been found by archaeologists.

Egyptians were familiar with other types of gambling games. On the fresco, which is currently in the British Museum, 2 people are shown playing. The game is that one must guess the number of fingers, which hides the other behind his back. There is also evidence that earlier image of checkers and the game existed, if you had to throw a discus in the copper mug. On the other side of the globe, in Asia, the old Chinese also like gambling.

Dice game comes hundreds of elements which was needed for it to play that is remotely similar to the game of chess is mentioned by Confuzius. To judge according to the written sources, this game was invented BC 2300 years ago. In India people gambled and competed in relay at least 1500 years ago v.u.Z. You put at risk not only money, but also estates, slaves and even wives.

Lotteries were in use in every civilization, often they were needed for it to determine who will be awarded with the special pay and who had to be dedicated to the fall. For example the Aztecs threw the batch, select a person that continual the gods to the victims had to be. Greek mythology tells about that Zeus and his brothers Poseidon and Hades over the Titans triumphed and have taken space in possession. You threw the lot to share it between each other. Zeus got the sky, Poseidon — the sea and Hades-the subterranean world. If the result would have been different, maybe we would connect Zeus with the hell and Hades to heaven.

Gambling existed in America over the course of centuries. There are written sources that Leifur Eirķksson, the first European who was visiting America, discovered that the Indians played games of chance, and then he brought with him these games home in Greenland.

New Orleans was the first major centre of gambling in the United States. In 1718, room and tables for private games of chance were equipped in the coffeehouses and taverns. All flourished up to 1811, when the Government decreed the law prohibiting gambling in the entire Louisiana.