Life of the Party While Playing Craps

If you want to talk about the most social game in the casino, you have to point to craps. This is a game where people rally around a table and root for one another. It is also a game where there is a lot of player participation. You get to make lots of different bets and hold a dice in your hands. This is something that you will not see in most games. Blackjack, for instance, is a game where you cannot even touch the cards most of the time. So how do you win at craps? What is good knowledge to know when heading to the craps table?

Craps provides some of the best table game odds if played correctly

Know that by choosing to play craps, you have already made a very good decision in the casino. This is a very good way for you to save money and even make some money if you get lucky. When compared to other table games, craps is one where the house has a low edge on most bets. Casino Advisor notes that on the typical pass line bet, the house has only an edge of around 1.41 percent. Though this might seem like a lot, it is quite small compared to many other games.

Always take advantage of full odds bets

Most people who play craps understand that it is best to take odds. The odds bet is the bet that you place behind your pass line bet after a point has been set. In most casinos, you can take up to three, five or ten times odds. When you bet 20 dollars on the pass line, this means that you could bet 60, 100 or 200 dollars on the odds. The house edge on odds bets is nil. You are basically flipping a coin, which is a much better bet than you will get elsewhere in the casino. Even if you have to limit your pass line bet to do so, it is important that you always take full odds. Doing anything different makes it very difficult to come out on top.

How many numbers should you bet?

One of the reasons why craps is so complicated is because you have many chances to bet on different numbers. You will have one number when you make your pass line and odds bets. You will then have a chance to take a new point number when you bet the come bet. You will also have a chance to play individual numbers at any time during a roll. A good Casino Advisor article notes the value of betting many numbers though you should not go crazy. You should be better two or three numbers at most on every roll.

A smart player will avoid the field bet, big six and eight bets and any horn bets. These are sucker picks that look good at first. The problem is that they will cost you money over the long run. With all of the good options on the craps table, you can stick to this stuff and possibly make money.